Fleet Camera Systems


The Standard Camera is also called a Basic Camera System. It can be a single lens dashcam, a dual lens dashcam or even a DVR with up to 8 cameras that can be positioned throughout the vehicle.

The term passive means the camera collects video data and stores it on a recorded medium, usually a SD card.

In order to review the video, you must first retrieve the SD card, insert it into a computer and use a video player. It can be either the manufacturer video player or a windows type player.

Wi-Fi Enabled:

The Wi-Fi Enabled model has all the features a Standard Camera has with the addition of the ability to upload video via a wireless network.

How this works is once the vehicle returns to the office and connects to a WIFI hotspot, short snippets of the video are uploaded for review and storage.

The only time you have to retrieve the SD card is when there is an event that warrants the retrieval of the card.

Live Streaming:

This is the latest in Camera Technology. These cameras has the same features as the Standard Camera, but give you the ability of streaming live video footage while the vehicle is out on the road. Now you can actually ride along with your drivers to ensure they are following your companies safety policies and procedures. With the remote playback feature, you do not have to wait until the driver gets back to take the SD card out of the camera to see what happened at a particular time. With a choice of different cell providers, you can pick the one that is right for you.

Now, with a click of the software you can see live streaming data from any or all cameras.

Which Camera System is right for you?

A Fleet Camera System is really dependant on the needs of the fleet owner. Depending on fleet size and what matters most to you will determine which system is right for you. By having a Fleet Camera, you will increase productivity and improve fleet safety immediately.

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