Car Camera- 4 Channel DVR System

The Basic Car Camera- 4 Channel Fleet DVR System gives added visibility to your fleet.

Improve fleet safety through driver accountability.  This Car Camera gives your fleet the ability to have a continuous recording 4 Camera System, with a 64GB SD Card standard and up to a 256GB card available, and wireless uploads of data, all for a low startup cost. This is a great addition to your current GPS tracking system, or coupled with one of Safety Track’s GPS Tracking Platforms’ to really manage your fleet. This DVR Car Camera gives fleet managers a great training tool.

With the ability to replay daily driving events and see how you can improve driver processes and procedures. Have a video account of any events that may impact your fleet safety reports. Because it is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words, what would a video do for your fleet accident report?

Choice of 4 Different Car Cameras  

Today’s business economy is challenging to say the least. Keeping track of everything we do as business owners, managers and the like can be difficult and especially stressful.

  • Have a shrinking budget?         
  • Increased expenses?
  • Need to improve safety?

What if you could view your driver/operator, along with their surroundings and GPS location?

  • Would this help deter unwanted driver behavior?
  • Increase productivity?

Correct Issues with your Fleet!   

  • Have a speeding driver? Use our real time camera to track their driving behavior and reduce their speed, saving you $1500+ annually.
  • Replacing that expensive part again? Review the video and coach your operator on the proper way to operate equipment thereby alleviating those repair costs.
  • Being sued for an accident that wasn’t your fault?
  • Have undeniable video evidence during your hearing.

Studies show that the three largest costs to fleet and transportation companies are fuel, repairs, and legal matters.

Protect your company in the right way:


  • Up To 4 Cameras Supported
  • High Resolution Video
  • WIFI Live Viewing capable
  • Night Vision Capabilities
  • Built in GPS Via Google Earth


  • Continuous Recording
  • Up to 256GB SD Card (72 Hours)
  • Improve Driver Behavior
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Maintain Corporate Policies
  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Great Driver Training Tool

Camera Options:

Internal Car Camera

Int./Ext. Post Car Camera

External Car Camera

Internal Dome Car Camera



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