Check out Safety Track’s complete line of Car Camera System options:

Look no further than Safety Track’s Car Camera System’s product offerings for your in-vehicle camera needs! With our many car video camera products, fleet managers are able to search and find the right product that suits their companies needs.

Which car video camera system is right for you?

Live Streaming Car Video Camera Products

  • 2 Channel Camera with cloud storage
    • Dash Camera with a dual facing lens. Uploads events right into the cloud!
  • 2 Channel Camera
    • Dash Camera with a dual facing lens. One lens facing in the cab and one lens facing out the windshield
  • 4 Channel Camera
    • DVR camera system that can add up to 4 individually wired cameras to the box. Can be both for interior and exterior of any vehicle.
    • Exterior cameras are great for viewing the sides of your vehicles. A perfect example would be if you had a sideswiping incident those exterior cameras placed underneath your mirror can provide you footage of that accident.
  • 8 Channel Camera
    • This DVR camera system has the ability to add up to 8 individual cameras to that DVR box.
    • If you want a camera in the back of your truck so when your driver is backing up this would be a great solution.
    • Just add a monitor in the cab area of your vehicle then we can get the feed from that back camera to the monitor to give the driver vision in the back of the truck.

Wi-Fi Enabled Camera System Products

  • In-Vehicle Camera
    • Have an existing hotspot in your vehicles? If so, our Wi-Fi cameras can connect to your hotspot to give you the live streaming access.

Standard Camera System Products

  • 1 Channel Camera
    • Single camera lens facing out the windshield.
  • 2 Channel Camera
    • Dash camera with the dual facing lens.
    • This standard camera does not give you access to live stream.
    • Go into each vehicle and remove the SD Card and plug into the computer to watch the camera footage.
  • 4 Channel Camera
    • DVR with up to 4 individual cameras wired into the DVR box.
    • Go into each vehicle when wanting to watch your cameras footage, remove the SD Card and plug into the computer.
  • 8 Channel Camera
    • This DVR camera can up to 8 individual cameras to the DVR box,  can be both for the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
    • Remove SD Card from the camera system and after watching the footage make sure to remember to plug SD Card back into your camera.
  • 360 View 4 Channel Camera
    • One small unit that is able to give you a full 360 view!
    • 4 cameras in one unit that is attached to the dash of your vehicle.
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