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We provide three different Fleet Camera Platforms.

Benefits of Fleet Cameras

    • Evidence In Accident Claims
    • Faster Insurance Claim Processing
    • Lower Insurance Cost
    • Driver Monitoring
    • Promote Safe Driving
  • Training Aid For Drivers

Don't Have A Distracted Darryl

Satisfied Customers
Cameras In Vehicles
Problems Avoided
Hours Of Day Protected

Improve Your Fleet Safety

When a driver pulls out of your lot, most fleet owners rely on the honor system when it comes to driver safety. With the many possibilities of our fleet camera systems, it is now possible to all your fleet drivers in real-time! With having the ability to ride along with your drivers makes enhancing safety programs easier. This also gives you the ability to maintain the advantage needed to improve the overall safety of your fleet. 

This Camera system provide another level of safety and training that GPS Fleet Tracking cannot do alone: training and policies implementation, lower insurance rates, and a reduction in frivolous insurance claims.

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