The UCIT HD 4 Channel Camera – Live Streaming System

The First 4G LTE Real Time Video 4 Channel DVR System

This Changes Everything!

Once there was only one option if you needed a camera in your fleet vehicle. They would send you a snippet of the video telling you this is what your driver is doing. How did you know they sent you everything?

Now the 4 Channel Camera – Live Streaming DVR System from Safety Track makes this cost efficient with a high return on investment. Now you can view your driver as he is in commute at the push of a button; view the driver and all his surroundings with Safety Track’s Live Streaming System.

The UCIT Live Streaming DVR system is easily installed into any fleet vehicle. Small, compact size allows placement anywhere inside the vehicle.

Now you can view what the driver sees using surrounding cameras, but also discover what the driver is doing while operating your fleet vehicle.

Instantly see drivers texting, using cell phones, driving unprofessionally.

With the choice of viewing multiple angles of your fleet vehicles, or even inside you box truck, you will have proof of who damaged the package.

With a click of a button, you can watch any or all of your vehicles with our software. Or you can use the phone App and keep track of the fleet.

With remote playback feature, you do not have to wait for “THAT” vehicle to return to see what happened.

Along with streaming video, each day’s information is saved to a compact flash card that may be removed from the camera and inserted into your computer. Save it for a week, or for a year. It’s your data, manage it how you wish…

4 Channel Camera – Live Streaming System – Benefits

  • View your Driver while they are Driving
  • Reduce Insurance Claims
  • Lower Your Driver’s Distractions
  • Retrain Driver’s with Poor Driving Habits
  • Lower Claims against Company
  • Reduce Your Customer’s Disputes

Industries Served by the 4 Channel Camera – Live Streaming System:

  • Taxi Industry
  • Ambulance Services
  • Railroad Companies
  • Delivery Services
  • Shuttle Services
  • Limousine Services
  • Driving Schools
  • Bus Lines