2 Channel 4G LTE DashCam–Live-Streaming Video


North America’s Only 4G LTE Live Streaming Video DashCam

Safety Track’s Award Winning 2 Channel 4G DashCam enables you to review video, audio and GPS data using dual camera technology. Gain insight into your driver’s behavior and what your driver sees. With its dual camera technology, you can see what the driver is doing and see what he sees.

  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Lower Insurance rates
  • Stop those frivolous lawsuits for good
  • Document your driver’s habits and review training processes and procedures

This is a cost effective DashCam that will improve fleet and driver safety.

2Channel 4G DashCam Features:

  1. Suitable for all personal vehicle, taxi, bus, truck……
  2. Locking Bracket prevents tampering
  3. Small size, easy installation and dismount and it does not affect the driver’s line of sight.
  4. Insert the card and power on to start recording without additional operating.
  5. Simultaneously recording interior and exterior conditions.
  6. Having full time, date recording and display on the screen directly.
  7. Recording driving conditions, sound, G-Sensor and GPS data.
  8. Front view angle approx. 120 degrees. Back view angle approx. 170 degrees.
  9. Recording track of driving routes which can be shown on Google Maps when we play the video.
  10.  Micro SD memory card Class 10 or above recommended.
  11.  G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to road situations. When a strong shock is detected, the system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.
  12.  Professional file formats, with a built-in lithium battery.  No need to be afraid of heat and bursting concerns. It is a real black box.

Please use 5V±5%, 1A cigarette lighter adapter. The machine needs 4.7v to start.

Live Viewer Software:


4G DashCam System Specifications:

Item Specification

Chipset  H.264 image compression chip
Sensor Device Forward facing lens: 720p CMOS Sensor

Backward facing lens: VGA CMOS Sensor

View Angle Outside vehicle approx: 120 degree

Inside vehicle approx: 170 degree

Voltage Please use 5V±5%, 1A Cigarette lighter adapter. The machine needs 4.7v to start
Operating Temp -15℃~+55℃ (Inside Vehicle)
Storage Device Micro SD Card (4G/8G/16G/32G). Class 10 or above specification is available
Recording Frame Forward facing lens: 1280×720; Highest resolution: 30fps/25fps (NTSC/PAL)

Backward facing lens: 640×480; Highest resolution: 15fps/15fps (NTSC/PAL)

Auto record when power up system; backward facing lens can be closed by setting of software.

Recording Content Date, time, image, sound, G-sensor data, GPS data
Recording Format Specific format for software player
Microphone Build-in high sensitivity of single microphone for automatic voice adjustment
Time Setup Auto-calibrating by GPS signals. If GPS is not available, the built-in clock will be used
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor